Customer Magnet Marketing Consulting

Following is a very basic overview of the 10 step Customer Magnet Marketing system that has transformed thousands of small businesses and practices into world class customer magnets.

You can read about the Customer Magnet Marketing system in greater detail by going to the online toolkit page here:

Step 1: Get Into Your Perfect Customer or Client’s Mind 

We get into your perfect customer or client’s mind to find out WHO they are, HOW they feel and WHAT they think: their hopes, fears, dreams, aspirations, desires, etc.

By getting a clear understanding of your perfect customer or client’s mindset and emotional state (when they’re ready to make a purchase), we can begin to paint a vivid picture of what drives them to choose one product or service over another and why.



Step 2: Buying Motivation Discovery 

We discover WHAT your perfect customers or clients are really buying on a physical, emotional and personal level and WHY—their [secret] buying motivations.

We all know that humans are emotional beings. While we may not always realize it, we often make purchases because of how a product or service makes us feel, or how we DESIRE to feel.

This is also true of business customers and those in the purchasing departments of the largest corporations. They may not want a feeling for personal reasons, but many want to impress their boss, get a raise, avoid making a mistake, or solve an issues that is causing stress and / or financial loss.



Step 3: “Language” Discovery

We identify your perfect customer or client’s “language” from their mental conversations and their conversations with others. When we understand your perfect customer or client’s language, we can speak to them using words they understand and identify with. This “psychic like” ability enables us to speak DIRECTLY to their specific needs and make them feel as if we’re reading their mind.



Step 4: Buying “Triggers” Discovery

We uncover your perfect customer or client’s buying trigger(s), also known as their “hot buttons”. Once we know what their hot buttons are, we can create a marketing message or sales proposition with a call to action that stimulates an impulse to make a purchase or take the next step in your sales process.



Step 5 :Persona Development 

Using the intimate understanding we now have of your perfect customer or client, we create personas that are real-world representations of them. Many small businesses have an idea of who their customers or clients are, but waste the majority of their marketing and sales efforts (and dollars) because they’re selling to “the market”. By creating personas, you know exactly:

  • Who you’re targeting, what their # 1 problem is or what they want (their secret motivations)
  • How to reach them most effectively (where and how to advertise)
  • How to communicate with them so your message captivates and holds their attention
  • What to say to influence their buying decision or get them to take an action



Step 6: Customer Magnet Integration 

We integrate all of the information we’ve acquired about your perfect customers or clients into your marketing and sales activities to maximize and multiply their effectiveness. This includes your online ads, offline ads, promotional materials, sales brochures, websites, flyers, sales letters, business cards, direct mail pieces, etc.



Step 7: Optimize Targeting 

We strategically adjust all of your advertising and promotions so they target your perfect customers or clients DIRECTLY, and use their “language” to sell them exactly what they want to buy based upon their secret motivations.

NOTE: I keep using the words “secret motivations” because it is difficult to sell effectively if we do not know what our customers or clients really want. Although this should seem obvious, most business owners and professionals I’ve worked with over the years never really know.



Step 8: Highly Qualified Lead Generation 

We perform various [conservative] tests to create a marketing and sales plan that generates highly qualified leads. By modifying and adjusting your marketing and sales efforts continuously, you will attract the highest quality prospects at the lowest possible cost.



Step 9: Maximize Your Conversion Rate

We develop (or re-engineer) a strategic sales process with a follow up system that continuously converts qualified leads at a higher rate. The number of steps in the sales process depends largely on how technical your product or service is and how sophisticated your prospects are. Depending on your business or practice, a sales follow up system usually includes a combination of:

  • Emails
  • Auto responders
  • Phone calls
  • Visits (to their place of business)
  • Direct mail: Sales letters and Post cards
  • Faxes
  • Text messages (if appropriate)
  • Social media
  • Re-targeting advertising campaigns



Step 10: Accelerate Sales and Maximize Profits 

As we master each lead generation system, we begin to implement and optimize other marketing and sales strategies. These new approaches provide your business with additional pillars of support that create stability and drive geometric profit growth. Depending on your business or practice, some of these will include:

  • Referral systems (strategic word of mouth)
  • Customer reward / loyalty programs
  • Customer retention programs
  • Joint ventures / Strategic alliances
  • Marketing Co-ops
  • Affinity marketing
  • Social media marketing



Get Into Your Customer’s Mind

Buying Motivation Discovery

“Language” Discovery

Buying “Triggers” Discovery

Persona Development

Customer Magnet Integration

Optimize Targeting

Highly Qualified Lead Generation

Maximize Your Conversion Rate

Accelerate Sales and Maximize Profits



Current Customer Magnet Marketing consulting fees:

Critiquing of Marketing Materials: Varies

1 on 1 Over The Web: $497.00 (2 hours)

Corporate Onsite (8 Hours): $2,997.00

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