Attract Perfect Customers, Maximize Sales and Enjoy The NEXT Level of Financial Success

Attract Perfect Customers, Maximize Sales and Enjoy The NEXT Level of Financial Success

If you want to start a business, expand your business and keep perfect customers or clients consistently and predictably “coming through your doors”

The Customer Magnet Marketing online toolkit is the secret weapon you need to supercharge your sales and boost your profits.


Because whether we know it or not and whether we like it or not, marketing and sales are the lifeblood of EVERY small business owner and professional’s success for (3) critically essential reasons:

1) The effectiveness of our efforts directly influences the NUMBER of perfect customers or clients we attract.

2) The effectiveness of our efforts directly influences the QUALITY of perfect customers or clients we attract.

3) The effectiveness of our efforts directly influences the REVENUE and PROFITS we enjoy.

One of the most important aspects of a successful marketing and sales plan is communicating with prospective customers (prospects) clearly, persuasively, and in a way that is “sticky”—meaning they remember you and your product—and impactful.

To communicate effectively and influence your prospect’s buying decision, you must intimately understand these (3) details about them:

1) Who your perfect customers are, and how to target them in a crowd.

2) What your perfect customers are really buying. (Their secret motivation)

3) Why your perfect customers want or need your product or service. (Their purpose)

Who Your Perfect Customers Are, and How to Target Them in A Crowd.

First things first. A “prospect” is a person or business that is likely to buy your product or service because they meet specific criteria, or can benefit from what you offer. A perfect customer, on the other hand, is a person or business that actually buys your product or service.

While some prospects may purchase your product or service eventually, you want to focus your greatest efforts and marketing dollars on those who are most likely to buy NOW. This means your perfect customer is a person or business that:

a) Already has the need or desire for your product or service and doesn’t need to be convinced. There may be many prospects that need or desire your product or service, but want someone to convince them. If you can persuade them with a nudge, great. If not, they’re probably not the best prospect to target as your primary market.

b) Has the money to buy your product or service right NOW and can afford it. In your marketplace, there are prospects that want or need your products or services but don’t have the money. On the other end of the spectrum, there are prospects that have the money to buy now, technically speaking, but cannot make a purchase because their funds (or budget) have been allocated for something else.

c) Is ready to buy and is not “shopping” or planning for a ”future” purchase. Today, we’re in the information age so doing research is normal prior to making an important purchase. Trouble is, we must be able to distinguish those who intend to buy from those who are merely wishing, hoping, dreaming and wasting our valuable time.

Translation: Burning time with poorly qualified prospects is like burning money.

What Your Perfect Customers Are Really Buying.

We all know that humans are emotional beings. Because of this fact, we do many things based upon how we feel. While we may not always realize it, many of us make purchases because of the feeling a product or service gives us. Or, we may also buy something because of how we DESIRE to feel.

Contrary to what most men believe, women do not buy cosmetics because they want to paint their face. Instead, they’re buying beauty, confidence and a feeling of being attractive. This is why cosmetics commercials always showcase beautiful, confident and attractive women to display their products.

Likewise, an expensive sports car is not a rational purchase. It is an emotional one. People who buy them want to enjoy the rush of the acceleration or the prestige of ownership… they are chasing a feeling.

If you sell business to business, realize that even corporate executives and those in the purchasing departments of the largest companies make emotional decisions.

They may not want a specific feeling for their personal benefit. But many make decisions to impress their boss, avoid losing money, or to solve some problem that is causing stress or turmoil.

In essence, you need to know WHAT your prospects are buying—their secret motivation—so you can focus your efforts on demonstrating that your product or service meets those [secret] needs specifically. When you do this effectively, you are selling exactly what your prospect wants to buy!

Translation: They’re ready to pay with cash, check or a credit card NOW.

Why Your Perfect Customers Want or Need Your Product or Service.

A guy who goes down to the hardware store and buys a drill doesn’t necessarily want a drill. He wants to make a hole and the drill is the tool he uses to make it.

In other words, understanding WHY your prospect wants or needs your product or service means knowing the purpose for their purchase. Or, what their purchase will be used for (if it’s a product). When you know what their purpose is, you can sell to those needs specifically.

Translation: They’re ready to pay with cash, check or a credit card NOW.


I’m one of the highest rated CPA’s in my region with 100% client satisfaction. I’m embarrassed to say my problem was that I didn’t know how to get more clients. I don’t want to sound dramatic, but this toolkit didn’t just boost my revenue and profits; it has enabled me to position myself at a higher level of prestige in my market and charge more for my services. I’m now doing more wealth management for higher end clients and hadn’t expected to do that! All in all, I work less hours and still make the same amount of money. I’m enjoying more time with my wife and two sons because of what I learned in your Customer Magnet Marketing toolkit. No more stress! Thanks so much.

Jeff Norris – CPA

Once you understand these three things about your perfect customer or client, your next step is to position your product or service as the ONLY viable solution that can: a) solve their # 1 problem, or b) provide them with the results they are striving for faster, easier or at a lower cost (or with greater value).

When you know WHAT your perfect customers or clients are actually buying (their secret motivation) and WHY they’re buying it (their purpose), you can convincingly educate them and demonstrate:

a) How your product or service is the best solution for THEIR specific needs.

b) What your product or service DOES better than the competition.

c) Why your product or service is essential for them to have or use NOW.

Educating your prospects on the benefits of your product or service not only showcases your expertise and positions you as an authority in your industry, but it also adds value to their business or life depending on who you serve and what you offer.

Adding value to your prospects BEFORE they pay you any money is critical because it clearly demonstrates: a) you are willing to invest in them, b) you’re committed to meeting their needs, and c) you genuinely want to help them to enjoy the greatest benefits or outcome possible.

This type of education not only establishes a higher degree of trust with prospective customers, but it also [subtly] sets the stage for a long term buying relationship.

In order to effectively demonstrate how your product or service is superior or of a higher quality than your competitor’s—so prospects flock to YOU—your sales propositions and marketing messages must be well structured, convincing, and most importantly, they must be consistent.

This means your advertising, your website, your brochures or literature, your business cards, your employees, and your personal interactions with your customers all convey the same message about your mission, your dedication and your commitment to serving THEIR needs.

Some of the key points you need to be very specific about when communicating with your prospects include:

» What you say: choosing the words you use carefully.

» How you say what you say: demonstrate you understand their hopes, dreams, thoughts, feelings, fears, problems and needs.

» Using testimonials as success stories or social proof.

» Providing supporting data, graphs, or charts if your customers are sophisticated.

» Employing the use of visuals: videos, images or illustrations whenever possible.

When you educate and sell your prospects strategically, you are not only doing what most of your competitors do NOT know how to do, but you’re also setting the criteria your prospects will use to make their buying decision at the same time!

Translation: You’re laying down the rules of the game and greatly increasing the likelihood that prospects will buy from you and NOT from your competition!

Example: I was recently in the market to buy a car for my daughter. I wanted a vehicle that was reliable, good on gas and that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to repair when necessary… exactly what every parent wants for their teenager.

I did my research online, went to a few dealerships and looked at 15 different cars. After a few days, I ended up at a Mazda dealer on the other side of town.

Before I even got into the car for a test drive, the salesman was explaining WHAT the SkyActiv Technology was, WHY it worked so well, and HOW it enhanced the performance and reliability of the car.

After hearing his explanation, watching a video, and seeing documentation to support the facts, I was SOLD on buying my daughter a Mazda 6.

Sure, Toyota’s and Honda’s are great cars—maybe even better than a Mazda 6.

Even though this may be true, none of the other dealerships took the time to explain WHY their technology was better [than their competitors] or HOW it would benefit me.

That Mazda dealership ultimately got my business (and my money) because they were the first ones to strategically educate me in a way that clearly demonstrated HOW and WHY their car was the best choice for me.

Is having a USP (unique selling proposition) selling strategically?

While a USP is critical to distinguish your business or practice from competitors, using education to sell strategically goes far beyond simply having one.

Assuming you understand your customers or clients and their needs intimately, educating and selling strategically also means doing the following:

» Openly and honestly sharing any “insider secrets” your competition wouldn’t want your prospects to know.

» Telling your prospects what to look for or what to avoid when choosing a product or service provider… even if it isn’t you they ultimately buy from.

» Giving your prospects questions to ask other product or service providers so they can get exactly what they need and avoid problems or scams.

» Exploring all of the options that are available to solve your prospect’s problem or meet their needs if it is beneficial for them.

I’ll be the first to admit I’m extremely hard-nosed when it comes to a product living up to a claim. I was hesitant at first because I’ve invested in many poorly structured marketing programs before, but went ahead anyways because of the no risk refund policy. I was pleasantly surprised to find that your Customer Magnet Marketing actually met the expectations I’d set for it. Kudos to you because I know you’re helping a lot of people with this toolkit who might otherwise not be so successful. So far I’ve increased my revenue by $21,823.00 in the last four months.

Nigel Crowley – PM Management Solutions Inc.


This toolkit is helping me to use my sales skills in ways I hadn’t thought of. Since I’m a sales rep, I was pounding the pavement the old fashioned way. Your Customer Magnet Marketing toolkit showed me how I could use my experience to sell to hundreds and even thousands of people instead of just one at a time. With the methods learned from your toolkit, I’ll never have to cold call again and can even earn multiples of what I use to. This year I’ll be the one getting the recognition, bonuses and sales awards in my company!

Ernie Flores

How do you know if you’re selling strategically?

For most small business owners and professionals, selling strategically is like taking a shot in the dark. (Translation: They DON’T know!)

To make sure that you’re NOT one of those who is simply crossing their fingers and HOPING for the best, I’ve created a 10 point checklist for you below.

You can use this checklist to audit all of your marketing materials, lead generation tools, and sales propositions. (“Materials” and “tools” can include your website, brochures, online ads, offline ads, direct mail pieces, sales letters, etc.)

Do your marketing materials, lead generation tools and sales propositions:

1) Clearly emphasize the TOP 3-5 things your prospects need to: a) Make a buying decision, or b) Take an action you want them to take?

This is critical because almost every prospect who comes into contact with one of your marketing or sales “tools” will make an on-the-spot decision as to whether they want to do business with you or not.

Since you want the greatest return for your marketing efforts, you must ensure that you are providing them with the most important reasons why they should buy from you, take a specific action, or contact you immediately.

If you do not emphasize these reasons promptly and convincingly, your prospects will move on and give their business (and money) to a competitor.

2) Educate your prospects in a way that is entertaining and / or memorable?taco bell dog

The most effective marketing messages are ones that we remember. They don’t necessarily have to be funny like the Taco Bell dog. But, they do need to make a lasting impact on your prospect so YOU come to mind when they’re ready to buy.

In today’s globally competitive marketplace, your message must be memorable to acquire “mindshare”. If it is not, your message will be quickly forgotten or completely ignored.

3) Position your product or service as the ONLY viable solution?

In every industry, there is always some kind of direct or indirect competition. Thanks to the Internet and social media, prospects have an abundance of choices to meet their needs or fulfill their desires.

For this reason, you must ensure your prospect understands that you offer something special, exclusive, or of a unique quality they cannot get anywhere else.

4) Compel a prospective customer to stop what they’re doing and pay attention?

Everywhere you look, you see some kind of advertising. Because of the number of marketing messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis, most of us have learned to tune them out.

With this being true, it has created the necessity for you to: a) capture your prospect’s attention immediately, and b) hold it so you can demonstrate WHY your product or service is superior and WHY you’re the clear choice.

5) Answer your prospects unspoken, but burning question: “Why should I listen to you?”

To be effective on ANY level or even be acknowledged, your sales propositions and marketing messages MUST answer this question quickly as prospects do not give attention to anything they do not believe will be important to them.

Failure to answer this question swiftly and effectively means your message will be overlooked and some, or most, of your marketing efforts (and dollars) wasted.

6) Emphasize the BENEFITS of your product or service so your prospect “gets it” QUICKLY?

W.I.I.F.M. is almost every prospects favorite radio station. This acronym stands for “What Is In It For Me” and is the other critical question you must answer immediately to captivate and hold your prospect’s attention.

Example: The iPod was a BIG hit because the benefit was clear: As Steve Jobs put it, it was “1,000 songs in your pocket.”

If your prospects have to figure out WHY they need your product or service, you’re rolling the dice and taking the chance that they may not understand. If they do not understand, they will NOT make a purchase or take the action you want them to take.

7) Demonstrate how your product or service will: a) Solve your prospect’s # 1 problem, b) Meet their specific needs, or c) Help them to attain a result they want?

Even messages that are funny or memorable will not have an impact unless your prospect understands HOW your product or service will help them to get what they want.

To be financially profitable for you—which is ultimately the point of your marketing efforts—you must ensure that your prospect understands HOW your product or service will provide the result or benefit they want or need.

8) Make EACH person feel like you’re addressing them personally and speaking to them DIRECTLY?

Although you may advertise to hundreds or thousands of people at once, each person receives (sees, hears or reads) your message individually.

When people are spoken to directly, they feel compelled to pay attention. When they are spoken to as part of a crowd or a group, on the other hand, they do NOT give the message the same level of importance.

Only by ensuring that your message is formatted so it speaks directly to a prospect (on a personal level) can you make certain that it’ll be received, understood and acted upon.

Example: There are thousands of people around the world reading what you are reading right now. Yet, each word is written as if I were speaking to only you. It speaks to you (personally) as if you were a friend and I’ve known you for years. You must do the same if you want to captivate and hold your prospects attention.

9) Make your prospects think “I want that!” or “I need that!”?

One of the goals of an advertisement or a promotion is to induce a prospect to take an action. Depending on your business or practice, it may be a purchase, or, it could be the next step in your sales process.

When you create an offer that: a) provides irresistible benefits your prospect wants or needs, b) offers a spectacular value, or c) solves your prospect’s # 1 problem, it creates a chemical reaction in their brain that stimulates desire. When you do this, you are hitting their “hot button.

Only by hitting your prospect’s “hot button” can you persuade them to think “I want that!” or “I need that!” The better you are at triggering this impulse, the more sales (and profit) you make.

10) Position your product or service so it is valued at the HIGHEST possible level in your prospect’s mind?

Recently, I was browsing through an upscale business magazine when I came across an advertisement that said “Make $30,000.00 in 30 days, guaranteed!

Realizing this ad was odd for a magazine of this caliber, I was curious so I thought I’d check it out. Upon further investigation, I discovered it was an ad for a type of business that really could (in 2-3 years time) produce this level of income.

The problem was that the ad made a legitimate business seem like one of those “stay at home and stuff envelopes in your underwear” schemes that never work.

There are two types of problems when it comes to positioning your product or service: 1) a claim that seems too good to be true, which makes it hard to believe (like that ad). And 2) a fantastic product or service that is cheapened due to a poor ad or promotion.

Reading for my personal, professional and business advancement is a priority for me so a few of the concepts were not new. I read 20 books a year. To my surprise, the insights, simplicity and level of clarity the Customer Magnet Marketing gave me was much better and easier to understand than the methods from the last 11 book I read. Thanks to that, I’ve already put three of your ideas into action in my business. So far the response is very positive. I’ve made an additional $5,373.00 profit in only two month and I’m looking forward to even greater returns! I’d highly recommend the toolkit to anyone. Even if they read as many books as I do!

Paul Collins – Steam Works USA

Over the years, I’ve worked with 487 small businesses, consultants and professionals to maximize their marketing and sales efforts. On average, implementing the 10 check points I’ve shared above boosted their sales by 15-30% annually.

Looked at from one angle, it appeared as though they were making an additional $50,000.00 or more per year. But from another, they realized they’d actually been LOSING that much each and every year.

For a business or practice that had been operating for 10 years, that was a mind-boggling LOSS of $500,000.00!

Which brings us to a critical question: How much MORE revenue and profits should you be making from the efforts you’re putting forth? (Or will put forth if you’re just getting started.)

And more importantly, how much are you LOSING if you don’t start maximizing your sales and /or and marketing efforts now?

Even if it isn’t $50,000.00 per year, what would an additional $25,000.00 each and every year do for your business (or personal finances)?

When I was running my trucking company in the Silicon Valley, I was like all small businesses: competing against larger companies with deep pockets for advertising, national locations and massive resources for acquiring customers.

At that point in time, an extra $25,000.00 per year would have fueled two of my trucks every month (for a year), paid a good chunk of my taxes, or covered part of my warehouse facility’s lease.

Things in your business (and personal finances) may be good already. But just think about how much easier or more enjoyable your life would be with those additional profits in your bank account.

How much more peace of mind and security would it provide for you and those you care about most?

Your Customer Magnet Marketing literally saved my store! I went into the apparel business because I love clothes and fashion. Sadly, my marketing ideas weren’t as good as I thought they were. Once I opened my doors I realized I didn’t know how to get people to come to my store beyond my grand opening. Your toolkit helped me figure out who my best customers were, how to find them, and how to creatively and inexpensively **inspire** them to shop at my store. It took only one promotion to get the ball rolling. For once, I’m excited and not worried because I know things will only be getting better. Thank you so much.

Colleen McEvoy


My husband and I have always had a big dream to grow our distribution company but didn’t really know how. In years past we’d made whole-hearted attempts but got less than stellar results and sometimes lost money. With what we’ve learned in the Customer Magnet Marketing toolkit, I’m confident we will be a multi-million dollar company in about two years!

Donna and Glen Cullen – Cullen Distribution

In addition to the very small taste of tips and tactics you’ve discovered here today, the Customer Magnet Marketing online toolkit also shows you how to:

1) Quickly drive sales if you’re just getting started, your business is in a slump, or your industry is in a down cycle.

2) Use 12 simple tactics to transform your business into a marketing machine that makes you money 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even while you sleep.

3) Enjoy peace of mind and security with a supercharged marketing and sales plan that consistently and predictably keeps perfect customers or clients “coming through your doors”

4) Create new or additional revenue streams in your business so you can enjoy an increase in profits.

5) Authentically create irresistible sales propositions and marketing messages that are emotionally impactful and magnetically attractive.

6) Strategically position your products or services so they fulfill your customer’s specific [conscious AND unconscious] wants and needs.

7) Structure the benefits of your products or services so they are perceived as the ONLY logical and viable solution in your prospect’s mind.

8) Profitably distinguish your business or practice from every other “me-too” copycat in your industry so prospects flock to you instead of competitors.

9) Instantly boost the value of your product or service so you can enjoy greater sales and profits WITHOUT additional staff, resources or efforts.

10) Create “psychic-like” offers and sales propositions that make your prospects feel like you‘re reading their mind.

11) Craft a persuasively irresistible sales proposition that makes your prospects say “I want that!” or “I need that!

12) Become an authority in your industry with a greater level of prestige and influence.

13) Easily grow your business or practice by working 10x’s smarter instead of working longer and 10x’s harder.

14) Enjoy peace of mind and security with a marketing and sales plan that consistently and predictably keeps perfect customers or clients “coming through your doors”.

15) Dominate and thrive instead of hope and survive in a globally competitive business world.

16) Take control of your business so you can enjoy more free time.

17) Uncover your prospect’s secretbuying triggers” so you can enjoy repeat purchases.

18) Outshine 90% of your competitors who practice primitive “throw-a-penny-in-the-wishing-well-marketing” they cross their fingers and HOPE will work.

19) Move towards financial prosperity now—even if you’re struggling with your business.

20) Cross the bridge to get from where you are presently to where you want to be.

Who is the Customer Magnet Marketing online toolkit best suited for?

The step-by-step approach of the toolkit makes it ideal for those who are just getting started as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals.

It simplifies complicated strategies. Walks you through each, one at a time. And it also provides you with real-world examples to demonstrate how you can easily adapt and apply them in your own business or practice.

Because the toolkit enables you to understand the thoughts, feelings and secret motivations of your prospects at an almost psychic level, the strategies provided can be applied to virtually any marketing or sales including:

» Online: Banner ads, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Emails, Websites, etc.

» Person to Person: Cold Call Sales, Inside Sales, Telemarketing, etc.

» Print: Newspaper and Magazine ads, Direct Mail, Sales Brochures, etc.

» Radio Advertisements (As scripts)

» TV Advertisements (As scripts)

I’ve always hated anything related to marketing or sales because it felt so complicated. I consider myself non-techy so I like to keep these things as simple as possible by avoiding them as much as I can. After going through your Customer Magnet Marketing toolkit I realized that it isn’t so difficult. It’s the way most books and people who teach explain things. I never thought I’d say this, but I like marketing now and I find it fun. It’s only been 4 months and I already have nearly 2x’s as many clients as I did this time last year.

Melissa Corcoran


If anyone asked me, I’d tell them I was born to be in business. I love the challenge and the competition, and now that I’ve discovered so many ways to increase our visibility with better sales and targeting tactics from the Customer Magnet Marketing toolkit, the next 5 years will be very profitable and our growth will be exciting! I’ll be in touch to let you know how things are going!

Alisha Cooper – Tech Attic


I enjoyed the Customer Magnet Marketing toolkit and am glad I got it. I wasn’t sure if it was what I needed or not, but I soon discovered it was very easy to understand and kept my attention even though I don’t really read a lot. I learnt information that I am using in the day-to-day running of my personal toolkit business. It is already helping me to get more clients.

Skyler Johnson – CPT

Who has profited from the Customer Magnet Marketing toolkit?

» Small Business Owners » Startup Entrepreneurs
» Rank Beginners » Direct Sales Companies
» Marketing Professionals » Real Estate Agents
» Presidents and CEO’s » Consultants
» Coaches » Sales Professionals
» Landscapers » Accountants
» Chiropractors » Painting Companies
» Freelancers (Various) » Carpet Cleaners
» Alternative Health Practitioners » Janitorial Services
» Lawyers » Web Designers
» Graphic Designers » Insurance Agents
» SEO Specialists » Electricians
» Personal trainers » Yoga Instructors
» Paralegals » Plumbers


… just to name a few!


I almost didn’t get the toolkit! I knew I needed help with marketing but didn’t know where to turn to or who to trust. My best friend, thankfully, encouraged me to just give it a shot since I was not doing well on my own. Part of it was that I doubted myself and part of it was that I didn’t know if the Customer Magnet Marketing toolkit was right for me. In the end, I’m not only more confident personally since I’ve discovered that learning what I didn’t know took my fears away, but I feel more optimistic about my business and the future because I now know what I need to do and I have a plan to do it. Success really is possible for me.

Corey Plimmer


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All the best,

Alex Hernandez